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Mantra is used through various ”Jap”. Whatever happens in a persons life, the mantra is used to relieve a person of various problems in life. Mantra is used since the child birth of a person. Mantra is used for Namkaran sanskar, Mool dosh nivaran, vyapar vriddhi etc....

Mantra is used in all the yagna, havan, pooja, jap and daily rituals that we perform. Mantra is an essential part of our life. There are various mantras that have effects in our life, the failure to know the relevance is the problem in todays world.

This is a small initiative from our side to educate the children of our society and make them aware of the ancient but powerful and omnipotent science of mantras. The correct and proper use of the mantras in various forms will bring peace, prosperity, awareness, fame and fulfillment in your life.

We always strive to make this possible for you. Whatever pooja or mantra jaapp is given to us, we will perform it with utmost care, cleanliness and godliness. The positive effect of the pooja will be felt by you.

Online Pooja Booking:

You can do an online booking for the pooja, to be performed on your behalf. We can arrange the pooja for you in any corner of the country, the charges for the same will be extra, the charges will be confirmed and a detailed list of the expenses will be given to you.
To view the list of places where pooja can be performed, Please Click Here.

In the case you stay in a foreign land and it is not possible for you to come here, we can ensure a video conferencing service. Detail of the same is available in the shopping cart section. Else the video tape of the pooja, yagna, havan will be made available, on demand. The charges for the same will be extra and informed to you according to the expenses incurred.

There will be three types of pooja that can be conducted. Listed below is the detail:

1.MantraJaapp: Click here for the list of mantra jaapp that will be performed. The prices mentioned here are for 21,000 mantra jaapp. You can contact us if you want to increase the number of jaapps. We will ensure that you get a detailed cost of the same.                                                                           
2. Havan: Click here for the list of various havan that can be conducted, 5100 jaapp with havan will be conducted for the price listed here. For increasing the number of jaapps, contact us, for a revised price.                                            
3. Dev Pooja: Click here for the list of pooja. This is done for the peace and prosperity.

List Places where Pooja and Yagna can be organized:

Kashi , Vishwanath, Varanasi(Banaras), Allahabad - Sangam tat, Baba Ghushmeshwar nath dham, Kadi Sheetlaan, Vindhyachal, Mayahar, Rohini ram dham, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Baba Baidhyanath Dham, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Vrindavan, Ujjain, Nasik, Tryambhkeshwar, Bodh Gaya.

Ganesh Mantra Jaapp
2 Mahamrutyanjay Mantra Jaapp
3 Lakshmi Jaapp
4 Vishnu Jaapp
5 Hanumanth Jaapp
6 Surya Jaapp
7 Chandrama Jaapp
8 Mangal Jaapp
9 Budh Jaapp
10 Brahaspati Jaapp
11 Shukra Jaapp
12 Shani Jaapp
13 Rahu Jaapp
14 Ketu Jaapp
15 Kuber Jaapp
16 Mahakali Jaapp
17 Durga Mantra Jaapp
18 Pratyangira Jaapp
19 Baglamukhi Jaapp
20 Vaastu Jaapp
21 Gayatri Mantra Jaapp
22 Gruha Shanti Jaapp
23 Saraswati Jaapp
24 Santan Gopal Jaapp
25 Annapurna Jaapp

Ganapathi Havan
2 Mahamrutyunjay Havan
3 Navagruha Havan
4 Mahalakshmi Havan
5 Vaastu Havan
6 Mahakaal Havan
7 Durga Havan
8 Pratyangira Havan
9 Navchandi Havan
10 Gruha Shanti Havan

Ganesha Pooja
2 Vishnu Pooja
3 Shiv Pooja
4 Durga Pooja
5 Mahalakshmi Pooja
6 Saraswati Pooja
7 Hanumanth Pooja
8 Surya Pooja
9 Chanrama Pooja
10 Mangal Pooja
11 Budh Pooja
12 Bhrashpati Pooja
13 Shukra Pooja
14 Shani Pooja
15 Rahu Pooja
16 Ketu Pooja
17 Satyanarayan Pooja
18 Bhoomi Pooja
19 Vaastu Pooja
20 Rudra Abhishek
21 Gayatri Pooja
22 Kaalsarp yog dosh nivaran Pooja
23 Katyaanni Pooja
24 Nakshatra Shanti
25 Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja
26 Sarvagruha Shanti Pooja

Note: For any special request for the pooja to be conducted, Please Click here and provide the details.

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